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Code snippets to add functionality to your HTML pages, preferably cross-browser.


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Organizing Javascript in Include Files


I use javascript code on pages on my web site, most pages share the code and I need to update the code. How can I organize my site to make this update easier?


If your javascript code is embedded in each html page then you need to do a search and replace across all html files. The first code snippet in the box below shows this scenario.

The second snippet assumes that you have a separate file named 'shared_code.js' in your www root directory and each participating HTML file just includes this file. That way you need to change only one file (/shared_code.js)
This include file does not need the <script> tags used within the original html document. The file name ending in '.js' tells the browser that the contents will be javascript. You do need to put the <!- ... //--> around the code though for browsers that don't understand javascript in case a user directly opens your .js file. The third part in the box shows how your include file should look like:

The following Javascript is embedded directly in the HTML pages:
 <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
 your script here
 // -->
Better to do it this way in your HTML file: <script src="/shared_code.js"></script>
and this is /shared_code.js: <!-- var days=new Array(7); days[1]="Monday"; days[2]="Tuesday"; days[3]="Wednesday"; //-->

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